Anthea Sijan is a Consultant at SPP

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Anthea Sijan is a Consultant at SPP with experience in public policy, economics and strategy consulting. Prior to joining SPP Anthea spent three years working in Big Four consulting on business cases, evaluations, and regulatory reviews for public and education sector clients. Anthea has particular experience undertaking cost-benefit analysis to support high value, high risk business cases, and mixed method evaluations for social policies.

Anthea holds a Bachelor of Biomedicine (Immunology and Microbiology, specialising in Biotechnology) and a Master of Health (Economics and Evaluation), both from the University of Melbourne.

Industry Focus
  • Education & Research
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
Services Focus
  • Capital Planning & Precincts
  • Data & Digital
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Transformation
High Impact Work

Business case | Government Agency

  • Anthea led development of cost-benefit analyses to support a suite of high value, high risk business cases for implementation of technology to modernise and improve service to the community.

Outcome and Economic Evaluation | Government Department

  • Anthea supported evaluation of a large-scale well-being program. Anthea’s role on the project was to conduct an economic evaluation through Cost-Benefit analysis. This analysis informed development of two Business Cases submitted to Treasury.

Lapsing program evaluation | Government Department

  • Anthea undertook an evaluation of a community support program that included outcome evaluation and economic evaluation in the form of a Return on Investment assessment. This project involved significant engagement with community stakeholders, including young people from vulnerable backgrounds.

Process Evaluation | Government Department

  • Anthea undertook a process evaluation of an admissions testing program to determine the appropriateness and accessibility of assessment protocol. The evaluation included engagement with stakeholders, including businesses and education providers. The evaluation was used to inform changes to the admission process.

Regulatory Impact Statement | Government Department

  • Anthea developed a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) using Cost-Benefit analysis for a Government Department seeking to improve accessibility of their services. The RIS involved analysis of national infrastructure and required consultation with stakeholders alongside economic analysis.