Ben Widmann is a Research Associate at SPP

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Ben Widmann is a Research Associate at SPP, with key interests in asset intensive industries, financial services, government, and consumer. Prior to SPP, Ben has worked in strategy consulting both domestically and internationally, whilst gaining experience in economic advisory and the local start-up space in Australia.

Ben is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance at the University of Melbourne.

Industry Focus
  • Asset Intensive Industries
  • Consumer
  • Education & Research
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
Services Focus
  • Capital Planning & Precincts
  • Customer Driven Growth
  • Data & Digital
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Transformation
High Impact Work

Transformation & Portfolio Strategy | Real Estate Developer

Supported large-scale organisational transformation through development of transformation tracking tools, bi-weekly executive update presentations, prioritisation frameworks for value creation plans, employee surveys and HR transformation plans. Conducted project cash flow analysis for large number of real estate development projects each valued at up to €500 million to raise capital for international portfolio investments.

Business Ecosystems Strategy | Professional Services Firm

Contributed to development of a series of business ecosystems workshops, using AI tools to help clients uncover new value pools at the intersection of their business and adjacent industries.

Climate Adaptation Funding Strategy | Intergovernmental Organisation

Conducted long-listing of high-potential climate adaptation start-ups in developing nations across Asia, South America and Africa, whilst helping develop funding assessment framework and researching international climate adaptation technology best practices.

Education Research & Strategy | Government & Private Clients

Supported more than twelve projects across public, private and Catholic primary and secondary education, and tertiary, rural and international education, ranging from recurring program evaluations to development of 10-year education strategies. Several projects across the VET space, including conducting demand analyses, developing recommendations for funding and provision models, and extensive primary and secondary research to improve the delivery of national apprenticeship programs.

Social Return on Investment| Farming livelihood program

Developed SROI framework for farming program in the Philippines, valuing the financial, social, educational and environmental program outcomes. Developed financial model and recommendations to improve program delivery.