Bianca Patel is an Associate at SPP

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Bianca is an associate with an extensive background in research. Prior to joining SPP, Bianca has spent the last 6 years in research both in academia and industry, predominantly in the biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Bianca brings an invaluable insight from research and education.

Industry Focus
  • Education & Research
  • Government
Services Focus
  • Customer Driven Growth
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Transformation
High Impact Work

Organisational development – establishing UK research lab

Established the UK subsidiary lab to perform experiments to progress technology to clinical market. As a new company the preliminary goal was to set up a lab. My role included to work with the global lead scientist to understand the lab requirements to source equipment; apply for the correct license for biohazardous materials and establish the health and safety protocols.

Business development – Research Business Proposals for EU funding

Working with key stakeholders within a Biotechnology start up to formulate Research Business proposals to seek funding for clinical trials to accelerate the product to clinical market.

Research development – Grant Proposals for research

Collaborated with academics and key opinion leaders to produce research grants to secure funding for additional support to perform experiments. This involved working with different research councils to understand how to structure the 3-5 year grants and the UK education system to bring on board PhD students and post-doctoral employees.

Financial Pricing Strategy – accounting firm
Supporting the development of a pricing strategy for a training development to help standardise pricing across the field to help meet growth targets.