Emma is a Senior Associate at SPP

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Emma is a Senior Associate at SPP with a background in clinical research management in the Australian and UK health sectors.  She has over 10 years experience in  project management, process improvement, policy development and implementation, operational model design and research operations.  Emma also consulting experience across Dairy, Medical Devices, Travel and Not for profit organisations.

Industry Focus
  • Education & Research
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
Services Focus
  • Customer Driven Growth
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Transformation
High Impact Work

Project management- Medical Research Institute

Contributed towards the establishment of a national registry of patients who are exposed to cardiotoxic cancer therapies. Leveraged registry data and engaged senior clinicians across Australia to contribute to a successful funding application to expand the program and support research translation into patient care programs.

Business Case Development–Public Hospitals

Engaged with senior leadership and heads of department to support a business case to establish a new Medicare Benefits Scheme funded cardio-oncology clinic in Victoria. Supported the implementation of the multi-disciplinary dedicated cardio-oncology service to improve patient outcomes through early detection and treatment of cancer therapy related cardiac dysfunction.

Business process improvement– National Not-For-Profit Organisation

Assessed the reporting capabilities of a national non-for-profit organisation and identified opportunities to measure social return of investment. Supported the development of an impact reporting framework to communicate and quantify the value of their programs to stakeholders.

Policy development and implementation- Public Hospital

Led the development of organisational policy in response to changes in NHMRC regulations. Engaged with senior leadership and stakeholders to develop and implement a pharmacovigilance reporting process and a supporting advisory committee to meet the organisation’s sponsor obligations

Operating model design – Public hospital

Reviewed and redesigned the onboarding process to include a Good Clinical Practice training module. Led the design and implementation of an online refresher course and automated reminder system. This initiative resulted in increased uptake of research training and capabilities in medical and nursing staff and improved organisational compliance to international clinical trial best practice.

Research Operations – Centre of Research Excellence

Engaged and negotiated with senior leadership and stakeholders who were undergoing a go-slow strike action to continue contributing to the research project. Streamlined the reporting process to improve study uptake and stakeholder participation, resulting in timely robust results and research translation.