A business case is the critical document that spans the gulf between an early concept and a funded project. A business case that convincingly (and factually) argues for the initiation of a project is a valuable document; a business case that also sets the project up for success is even more so. SPP has deep experience in assisting clients with business cases and major project delivery.

Knowledge Institutions’ role in maximising precinct outcomes

Internationally recognised precincts have benefitted from successful partnerships with knowledge institutions, where both research and education capabilities have played a key role in supporting industry competitiveness and growth. In this article, SPP’s Precinct Lead Ben Apted together with Government Lead Phil Noble outline some fundamental benefits knowledge institutions bring to a developing precinct. They also look at some global case studies that highlight the key role of knowledge institutions in successful outcomes for commercial and government-based precinct development.

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SPP Approach to Precinct Development

SPP has developed an overarching framework to guide development of a precinct strategy, which has already assisted governments and universities to systematically develop a place based strategy that responds to their specific objectives and reflects the unique characteristics of the place. Our Education and Government experts Ben Apted and Phil Noble outline the key elements here.

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Major Transport Projects – setting up for success

Organisations that deliver projects for Government face many similar challenges; funding security, effective communication, strong partnerships, evidence based decision making, clear roles & responsibilities, as well as defining culture.
SPP has identified four key areas for improvement:

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Understanding Value-Drivers for Major Projects

In Infrastructure Australia’s latest priority list, they identified at least 16 projects of significance, either at threshold level or ready to proceed in a budget range in excess of $20bn. The majority of these projects have strong business cases and positive economic impacts.

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Governance for major project organisations

SPP has extensive experience guiding organisations through major projects, from inception through to project delivery.

In this approach article, SPP highlights some of the considerations in setting up and advancing major capital project initiatives, and the role and objectives of a project governance team.

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