SPP understands the plethora of change being forced upon Financial Services institutions. Our clients face increasing regulatory burden, increasing customer expectations, business cost pressures, the emergence of new competitors and the ever-present demands of shareholders. These changes pose a threat to profitability and the freedom to operate.

SPP knows first-hand the nature of these challenges and has a proven approach to tackling these complex problems:

  • Increases in customer expectations vs business pressures
    • Ongoing development of the value proposition
    • Improve both efficiency and effectiveness of service
    • Improved digital and cross-channel capability
    • Stronger engagement
  • Increasing regulatory burden
    • Dealing with capital efficiency
    • Influencing at Government level
    • Improvements in systems and processes
  • Emergence of new competitive forces
    • Understanding the competitive landscape
    • Continuing to make advances particularly in technology-based service delivery
    • Exploring and trialling new business models
  • Shareholder demands
    • Managing strategic projects well
    • A structure programmatic approach to customer acquisition and retention
    • Generating growth & share of wallet

SPP has helped Financial Services Institutions respond to these challenges, and can help your organisation too.




Financial Services Practice Lead

Phil Noble leads SPP’s work in Financial Services across Banking, Insurance and Superannuation.  Phil brings a diverse range of experience to this practice, having led projects on issues such as customer satisfaction, retention, business unit strategy, growth strategy, product development and performance improvement for a number of major banks, superannuation and insurance companies.  Phil has a particular interest in the ways in which large Financial Institutions build relationships with their key customers, and also, in the ways in which they serve the small to medium enterprise market.

How do your customers perceive your services?