SPP believes that clarifying the project objectives is a vital first step. “Why are we doing this?” is a simple question that can often be hard to answer for project teams who jump quickly to project execution. Project teams that utilise an agile process, rather than a linear program management approach are often more likely to deliver a stronger outcome.

How will your business emerge from COVID lockdown?

Things have changed. A global, multiple industry change. We have yet to see, or accurately predict, what the full effects will be. During this time, many businesses slowed or stopped trade. When COVID restriction and lockdowns lift, regardless of where you are, your business will seek to re-emerge and return to normal operating rhythms.

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Governance for major project organisations

SPP has extensive experience guiding organisations through major projects, from inception through to project delivery.

In this approach article, SPP highlights some of the considerations in setting up and advancing major capital project initiatives, and the role and objectives of a project governance team.

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Where is the value? Understanding cost-drivers in public sector organisations

ARTICLE SUMMARY SPP took a strategic cost lens to the management activities of a large government agency, and in so doing delivered lasting impact. It is clear that for most government agencies, business as usual is no longer an option – those making funding decisions expect more output for less.  A sophisticated cost-base review can reveal…

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Ensuring technology projects are driven by strategy

ARTICLE SUMMARY Many large scale transformations with technology at the core fail to deliver all the proposed benefits. These programs often fail because they are either led by technology or the specification for technology was based on business processes that do not deliver an improved customer experience. A common pitfall of technology procurement is solution…

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