Government departments are key to driving growth, productivity and ensuring appropriate regulation of consumer and business activity. However, governments face significant pressure to better engage with their constituents, improve sharing and efficiency of their own resources, and show greater return from their investments.

SPP works with State, Commonwealth and Local government to improve outcomes from both policy and program activities. We provide a focussed, structured, flexible approach that’s tailored to the specific planning and implementation capability of our partners.

Innovative Education Models – how to measure impact

With an inspiring line-up of speakers, SPP’s Leadership Panel Breakfast held on Monday, 4 March was attended by principals and educators, education and government stakeholders, eager to discuss the opportunities and challenges of innovative education models. SPP’s Senior Partner Ben Apted talks about the need to focus on being clear on what sort of return institutes or stakeholders are after, and being able to value this.

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Higher Education Funding Reforms

In light of the recent funding reforms, SPP has developed a robust tool that not only provides detailed insights for universities to optimise their course portfolio from a financial perspective, but also an informed sector wide understanding of delivery costs, which we have demonstrated in the following analysis.

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Business Transformation

Having worked with government, education and some of ASX top 50 on business transformation projects over the years, we know that our T=V2 Framework can support organisations to deliver a significant and sustainable positive impact.

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SPP Approach to Precinct Development

SPP has developed an overarching framework to guide development of a precinct strategy, which has already assisted governments and universities to systematically develop a place based strategy that responds to their specific objectives and reflects the unique characteristics of the place. Our Education and Government experts Ben Apted and Phil Noble outline the key elements here.

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The Heliograph: A Framework for Data Initiatives

Many companies and government organisations are taking on large-scale, cross-departmental data analytics projects. SPP highlights a number of key dimensions that Senior Executives and Departmental Secretaries should be considering to build this type of complex program for success.

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Learning to Leverage

Transformation with customers and staff at the core. Due to higher customer expectations, requirements for higher efficiency and the desire for faster policy implementation Government departments are under an increased pressure to transform. In practice, agencies and departments are positioned along a spectrum of planning and implementation capability.

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