SPP has partnered with many organisations to develop actionable strategic growth plans. Our growth practice, Growth Solutions Group, brings deep expertise in working with organisations on how to unlock and sustain profitable revenue growth for clients. Focusing on the interaction between customer decision making behaviour and brand influence, our growth program design and delivery can be focused on profitably winning customer preference and spend on our client’s brands.

From Retail Banner to Brand – unlocking go-to-market performance

Independent retail banners or buying groups that recognise the market opportunity are transitioning to a strategy of ‘managing nationally and executing locally’ in order to not only attract supplier investment, but to deliver on a clear shopper proposition that is tailored to local needs. SPP’s Consumer experts David Mackay, Graeme Chipp and Noel Leung talk about our systematic approach to unlocking go-to-market effectiveness, which is the key to aligning suppliers and retailers to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Too much choice – another roadblock to growth

There has been wide business news coverage for the repeated assertion from Coles’ CEO, John Durkan, that Australian grocery prices are still too high, based on global comparisons. No doubt that suppliers to Coles and other major supermarkets will hear, and feel, a lot more on this topic. But the other key point that John…

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How ‘growth ready’ is your business?

The critical truth is that to achieve sustained growth demands re-thinking the business within the identified market changes and longer-term evolution. In turn, that requires fresh research and data input, exhaustive review of possible options, and an imaginative development of the right way forward for your particular business situation. Graeme Chipp shares his thoughts.

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BUPA CEO tells the untold story

How Bupa grabbed market leadership from a ‘standing start’ On 21 September 2017, we had the pleasure of hosting Bupa CEO, Australia and New Zealand, Richard Bowden, at AmCham’s Brand Leadership event. Guests from Westpac, Australian Unity, Ricoh and other leading Australian companies came together on the day to listen to Richard’s untold story of how Bupa grew to be…

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WHAT WE DO: Finding growth solutions

Brands are not complex beasts, but developing, growing and sustaining them still demands the crucial understanding of the part they play in the daily decision making that drives revenues and profits.

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