More than ever before, technology is driving change across all industries. Organisations are turning to digital and other ICT solutions to drive operational efficiencies and generate more value for their customers.

SPP’s approach to digital and ICT solutions puts a focus on customer experience and strategic objectives, ensuring that technology solutions are well aligned to the overarching strategy. SPP has taken an agile approach to successfully deliver many projects in this arena.

PSN Victorian Innovation Conference

The Open Banking framework impacts all major banks and financial services institutions, creating a new operating environment where accredited third-parties can access consumer data. This access to data will generate a multitude of opportunities for banks and third parties to create new products and services. It will also create opportunities for retail banks to reshape the way they add value to their banking services and create new efficiencies and innovations in customer service technologies.

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Redux | Data-driven customer relationships in FSi

Deep customer insight is a highly valued destination in financial services including banking, superannuation and insurance. Ultimately, it drives greater service, loyalty, and shareholder returns. Building a deeper and more insightful customer relationship, based on data, is more feasible than ever before. This article explores the 3 P’s that we think you need to consider in developing data-driven relationships

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CRM for NFP – Challenges and opportunities

The Not-For-Profit sector faces a range of challenges relating to management of and engagement with donors and volunteers and other stakeholders. A sophisticated Client Relationship Management (CRM) strategy can help to address many issues and opportunities:

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SNSW – a high value digital project for NSW Government

SPP’s impact on a highly complex digital and service transformation for government. The proliferation of digital servicing presents an opportunity for government to deliver services efficiently and effectively. SPP’s client had a vision to become an internationally recognised leader in government service delivery, underpinned by a best practice omni-channel service delivery model.

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SPP approach to ICT project development

Customer experience design at the heart of digital service delivery. ICT and digital strategy projects often run over time, over budget and fail to deliver on the core benefits in the original business case. With ICT and digital initiatives becoming increasingly intertwined with organisational strategy, the capability to deliver

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Ensuring technology projects are driven by strategy

ARTICLE SUMMARY Many large scale transformations with technology at the core fail to deliver all the proposed benefits. These programs often fail because they are either led by technology or the specification for technology was based on business processes that do not deliver an improved customer experience. A common pitfall of technology procurement is solution…

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