As technology has advanced, huge amounts of data has become available and the cost of storing and processing that data has become more affordable. SPP, together with our data analytics partner Zetaris, can help clients solve critical problems and unlock hidden value in both private and open source data which informs decisions on a number of areas

Taking an agile approach to big data

Big Data has been well recognised as a potential driver of business success. Yet when looking at how to both plan and execute on data-related initiatives, many organisations still take a traditional approach in an attempt to reap the benefits that big data can deliver – rather than considering a more agile approach.

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How Big Data can enhance your strategy

Leading organisations are using big data to better control their business and identify opportunities.

Data is essential to the strategic planning process. With access to the right data, organisations can answer key questions driving their future strategies, however the challenge many organisations face lies not in collecting data, but in understanding and interpreting it.

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