Collaboration between large organisations has the potential to deliver outcomes that far exceed single entities that “go it alone”. SPP has developed an effective approach to assisting client partnerships to succeed. We understand that partnerships are journeys that develop over time.

Collaborating for success

Collaboration offers Australian firms a great way to overcome the constraints of the small domestic market, gain assistance in accessing export markets and work with other global leaders in technology and knowledge.

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Aligning project outcomes with partnership objectives

ARTICLE SUMMARY Strategic partnerships can often yield great benefits, however it is common for different parties to seek vastly different outcomes from the same project. Varying interests may include financial benefits, brand perception, risk reduction, or access to new skills, markets or distribution channels. In order for each party to realise potential benefits, it‘s important…

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Unlocking the benefits of collaboration

ARTICLE SUMMARY Large corporations and government agencies face a growing array of complex issues. For many entities, the default option to tackle these challenges is to “go it alone”, however collaborating with others may offer superior outcomes. Identifying and exploring opportunities to collaborate requires senior managers to take a step back and assess options. Significant…

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