Collaboration between large organisations has the potential to deliver outcomes that far exceed single entities that “go it alone”. SPP has developed an effective approach to assisting client partnerships to succeed. We understand that partnerships are journeys that develop over time.  Starting small, getting wins on the board early, building credibility and growing shared value is one approach that is often used.  At other times, a more strategic and “top down” approach is required.  Challenges present in both cases, and consideration of the right partnership development approach is critical.

Areas presenting significant partnership opportunities include:

  • Government departments collaborating with one another to pool resources and deliver improved customer experience and efficiency outcomes
  • Industry partnering with research organisations to better understand new industry horizons, secure talent pools, and collaborate on R&D
  • Australian organisations teaming up to expand geographically, particularly into international markets

SPP has helped identify, establish and deliver major partnerships through to successful outcomes including:

  • Delivery of a strategic plan for the world's largest women's university in the Middle East, who partnered with an Australian University, to enable a stronger regional partnership to expand from a small kernel to a major presence
  • Delivery of a one-stop-shop digital service offering for a new State government department, which undertook service delivery on behalf of four other government departments
  • Facilitation of a major partnership between a State Government department and a commercial infrastructure business to design, build and operate a leading edge research centre in Melbourne, securing a $280m commitment from stakeholders
  • Creation of a joint venture between a large Australian University and a major health network to build and operate a new hospital
  • Facilitation of the collaborative development of a business case to the Prime Minister’s office for development of the bionic eye. SPP also subsequently facilitated negotiation of commercial agreements between parties


Are you getting the most out of your key partnerships?