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How will your business emerge from COVID lockdown?

Things have changed. A global, multiple industry change. We have yet to see, or accurately predict, what the full effects will be. During this time, many businesses slowed or stopped trade. When COVID restriction and lockdowns lift, regardless of where you are, your business will seek to re-emerge and return to normal operating rhythms.

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SPP’s new Senior Associate Peter Slade

SPP’s new Senior Associate Peter Slade shares some incredible life experiences, and what he has learned from the RAAF that can be applied to the world of consulting. Peter holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School, and now applies his strategic and tactical thinking, and his strong values in teamwork, to deliver solutions for our clients.

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SPP promotes Tim Morris to Engagement Manager

We’re delighted to announce the promotion of Tim Morris to Project Leader at SPP. Tim has deep experience scoping, designing and delivering digital programs for SPP’s Government and Higher Education clients nationally.

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Tim McMaster – A recent addition at SPP as Principal

Congratulations to Tim McMaster, appointed to Principal (Government). SPP has supported government in strategic initiatives for more than 10 years, from policy and strategy development, through to program reviews, business case development and detailed cost analysis. Tim will significantly enhance SPP’s capabilities in these areas.

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Taking an agile approach to big data

Big Data has been well recognised as a potential driver of business success. Yet when looking at how to both plan and execute on data-related initiatives, many organisations still take a traditional approach in an attempt to reap the benefits that big data can deliver – rather than considering a more agile approach.

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How Big Data can enhance your strategy

Leading organisations are using big data to better control their business and identify opportunities.

Data is essential to the strategic planning process. With access to the right data, organisations can answer key questions driving their future strategies, however the challenge many organisations face lies not in collecting data, but in understanding and interpreting it.

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