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Lessons from the best retail brands

Our work in today’s retail market has highlighted significant shifts in consumer demand and purchase behaviour that are further challenging retail brands. Here, Growth Practice Lead and Partner Graeme Chipp discusses how two ‘Big Box’ retailers are responding to changes in their market.

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Customer First – myth or reality?

Partner and Growth Practice Lead, Graeme Chipp, talks about customer led transformation that requires a new approach. Not customer experience improvements, but a ‘whole of business’ approach focused on establishing effective intent across the entire business combined with a heavy dose of customer reality.

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Media Release: SPP and GSG merger announcement

An enhanced offering in the local management consulting industry will bring increased competition to the large multi-national firms operating in the Australian market, following the merger between independent management consulting firm Strategic Project Partners (SPP) and consulting firm Growth Solutions Group (GSG). For our clients, this will enhance our service offering, as well as the solutions we deliver to address our clients’ needs.

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