Organisations today need to be consistently looking at how they can create greater value for their customer, while improving their efficiency and effectiveness to remain competitive in a local or global market.

SPP helps organisations to measure existing performance and enhance their operations through targeted point solutions or broader transformational change programs, to achieve their potential.

Business Transformation

Having worked with government, education and some of ASX top 50 on business transformation projects over the years, we know that our T=V2 Framework can support organisations to deliver a significant and sustainable positive impact.

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Learning to Leverage

Transformation with customers and staff at the core. Due to higher customer expectations, requirements for higher efficiency and the desire for faster policy implementation Government departments are under an increased pressure to transform. In practice, agencies and departments are positioned along a spectrum of planning and implementation capability.

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Sourcing for success – a simple approach to strategic contract procurement

For those who are considering sourcing strategically important services can experience profound implications for organisational success including cost reduction, standardisation, simplified processes and information sharing.

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SPP approach to ICT project development

Customer experience design at the heart of digital service delivery. ICT and digital strategy projects often run over time, over budget and fail to deliver on the core benefits in the original business case. With ICT and digital initiatives becoming increasingly intertwined with organisational strategy, the capability to deliver

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Importance of commercial nous in improvement projects

ARTICLE SUMMARY Organisations are driven by an ongoing need to improve, and as a result business improvement projects have become commonplace in larger organisations. In order to effectively achieve the desired outcomes from these programs, a number of business capabilities are required. While understanding business strategy and business models is of key importance, the difference…

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Setting a cost reduction program up

ARTICLE SUMMARY Not surprisingly, cost reduction programs cause significant angst within organisations. The uncertainty and ongoing distraction can cause an organisation to “seize-up” as it works through options and deploys changes that directly, and personally impact on individuals. Critical to mitigating these negative impacts is the approach to introducing the program to the business and the…

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