Who we are

We are a general management consultant firm focused on ensuring our clients and partner organisations gain the benefit of a structured, tailored, and evidence-based approach to solving complex business problems.

We work hard to understand our client businesses, ensuring that a level of rigour is applied to development of evidence used to make decisions.  We recruit for diversity of skills, experiences, and approaches, but always look for “pragmatic DNA” in our candidates.

The SPP Way

SPP has developed and refined an approach to delivering client focussed consulting projects with the aim of delivering lasting impact. 

We apply the following principles to our approach:

  • Working in a consistent and rigorous manner across projects
  • Seeking “less consultant more client”- ensuring projects are focussed on your issues and questions, and tailoring our expertise to suit
  • Delivering on a promise to provide more hands-on Partner and Subject Matter Expert time in projects, and “on content”
  • Being flexible and nimble, taking comfort that by providing structure we can adjust through a project as needs might change
  • Creating a lasting partnership from strategy to delivery of change

Our approach is applied to projects so that both the outcome, and the approach to getting there, are consistent across projects.  This provides clients with a greater degree of comfort, trust, and knowledge that a strong evidence base underpins their major decisions.

Our Origins

SPP was founded in 2005 by our Managing Partner Phil Noble with three key principles in mind:

  1. There is an ongoing need for excellent strategic advice in a world where the velocity of change and complexity is increasing
  2. A well developed, firm-based approach to supporting clients, with a strong appreciation of the need to be cost-conscious can differentiate
  3. That clients are increasingly likely to seek pragmatic outcomes from consulting work and seek true partners in delivery

The SPP team has built on this platform over the past 14 years, winning project work across a wide variety of sectors.  SPP has developed a strong pedigree in government and education sector work under the leadership of our Senior Partner Ben Apted. We have also delivered major outcomes for our commercial, financial services and not-for-profit clients including major transformations where SPP has played both a strategic and implementation role.

The firm has grown from a small four person operation to a team of more than 40 consultants and corporate services staff in a mid-sized firm offering top-tier capabilities.

Key milestones during that journey have included a move into a stronger implementation role on ICT and Digital projects, the completion of a major international program of work in partnership with a domestic client, and a merger with Growth Solutions Group (GSG).  In 2014, SPP opened an office in Sydney, seeking to put a greater emphasis into our Sydney-based presence with Partner David Mackay leading the charge. Now with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we work on a range of projects with clients around Australia.

Our ambitions, which are to grow considerably in the future, are always underpinned by our pragmatic, high quality consulting DNA.  We look forward to working closely with our partners on this journey.

If you are interested in hearing from an emerging firm that seeks to provide customer-focused solutions grounded in your business, please reach out to us.