careers @ SPP

What we do

We help Senior Executives and General Managers to find solutions to complex strategic and operational challenges.

We generate Insight

Creating a deeper understanding of the client’s business and/or challenge, by:

  • Presenting opinions backed up with facts
  • Bringing ideas and industry insights to clients
  • Regularly revisiting the key question
  • Advancing the answer
  • Being efficient at all times in the approach to delivery
  • Presenting information, not just data

We Influence outcomes

We create momentum for change by:

  • Involving stakeholder & gaining their buy-in to the work
  • Listening actively & appreciating
  • Staying “on point”, re-clarifying & advancing client’s points of view
  • Offering helpful suggestions
  • Not being contrary, or disagreeing too quickly
  • Understanding our role when interacting with the client
  • Not “taking the glory” or credit, but sharing in our client’s success

We deliver lasting Impact

Instigating or enacting the change by:

  • Making recommendations that hit the bottom line (social, environmental, political, people & financial)
  • Providing solutions that are appropriate for the client organisation’s capability and capacity
  • Setting a project up to succeed and staying involved through to execution
  • Using plain English
  • Communicating ideas & recommendations from our client’s context or perspective

Our values

The SPP values of insight, influence and impact don’t just apply to our clients, but also to our team.

As well as delivering insight for our clients, you will gain deep insight not only into the industries and clients we work with, the tools and methodologies we deploy, and the approach we take to solve problems, but you will also gain insight into your own personal strengths, motivations and abilities.

Our clients, and your colleagues will have a lasting influence on your view of the world, the challenges faced by business, charities and the public sector – and the solutions that can be brought to bear.

Your experiences at SPP will have a lasting impact on your personal and professional development, personal and professional networks, your work ethic, and your career.

Why SPP?

At SPP, you will be part of a team whose work has a lasting impact on its clients and the communities in which they operate.

SPP role descriptions

The types of roles that we recruit for on a “as needs basis” include Associate, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Manager, Project Leader, Subject Matter Expert and Senior Advisor.

An overview of each role and a brief description of what we look for is provided below:

  • Associate: Typically someone early in their career, may have just graduated with a degree in a complementary discipline (BCom; Analytics; Business Management) or has three (3) years of relevant experience
  • Consultant/ Senior Consultant: Typically someone who has 5+ years of direct consulting experience or may have graduated with an MBA with experience transferable to strategy consulting
  • Project Leader / Manager: Typically someone who has 7+ years of management consulting experience ideally with a top-tier or boutique consulting firm
  • Subject Matter Expert: Typically these roles are recruited on a short-term contract basis for projects that require specific skill-sets
  • Senior Advisor:  Typically someone who has deep knowledge and long-term experience in specific areas, recruited on a full-time, part -time or contract basis

Depending on the business needs at the time, we recruit for the above roles on a full-time, part-time and contract basis. If any of these roles are of interest to you, please register your interest below.

SPP offers:

  • The opportunity to work with a growing, entrepreneurial business
  • The chance to work with a strong team of capable and interesting people
  • Interesting and challenging projects across a diverse range of sectors

You will be working hard, but in return you will be constantly learning, facing new challenges, and growing.

You’ll assume roles that continually challenge you with increasing responsibility and exposure as you develop personally and professionally. We advance people on merit as they develop and demonstrate their ability to deliver insight, influence and impact.

"Consulting provides people with a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop, and make a difference.  SPP welcomes and encourages job applications from talented individuals who enjoy problem solving, and seek to work in a dynamic environment on a diverse range of projects."

Phil Noble - Founder & Managing Partner