We help Senior Executives and General Managers to find solutions to complex strategic and operational challenges.

The past couple of years have redefined the way that organisations and individuals work, collaborate and communicate. With so much change in the way we do business, SPP took the opportunity to reflect on what it stood for as a firm and the values that bind it together as a company.

SPP is proud of its core values which underpins our team’s ethos in maintaining a thriving environment for exceptional people, and to create impactful change in the world around us.

These values include being curious – we are always looking to learn and improve the way things are done; care – we show genuine care for one another and are readily available to lend a helping hand; rigour – we are methodical and detail-oriented in helping solve complex problems for our clients and society; team play – we collaborate closely to leverage unique strengths and embrace diverse perspectives.

Your experience at SPP will have a positive, lasting impact on your personal & professional development, your networks, work ethic and your career.

“Consulting provides people with a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop, and make a difference.  SPP welcomes and encourages job applications from talented individuals who enjoy problem solving, and seek to work in a dynamic environment on a diverse range of projects.”

Phil Noble – Founder & Managing Partner

Our people are our greatest asset

  • The opportunity to work with a growing, entrepreneurial business. Where people can come for opportunity and growth at every level
  • The chance to work with a strong team of capable and interesting people, in a collaborative and collegiate environment
  • Interesting and challenging projects across a diverse range of sectors
  • A place where people are valued and respected
  • An environment where people are encouraged to chase their passions to take all of SPP forward

You will be working hard, but in return you will be constantly learning, facing new challenges, and growing.

You’ll assume roles that continually challenge you with increasing responsibility and exposure as you develop personally and professionally. We advance people on merit as they develop and demonstrate their ability to deliver insight, influence and impact.

At SPP, you will be continually challenged and given increasing responsibility and exposure as you develop personally and professionally. We advance people on merit as they grow and demonstrate their ability to deliver insight, influence and impact.

Working at SPP means

  • A fresh opportunity to work with a growing and entrepreneurial business
  • Working on important, challenging client projects across a diverse range of industries
  • The chance to collaborate with a dynamic team of highly skilled and interesting people

At SPP we believe in the benefits a diverse and collaborative team environment can bring.  Our team come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, as well as a broad diversity of cultures, genders, and life experiences.

While we can always do better and we do not believe we have a perfect solution to diversity and inclusion – we seek to build and maintain an open environment, where people from all forms of background and experiences can share their thoughts, in a safe and fearless way.

We tether strongly to our values and seek ongoing input and contribution across all levels of the firm as to the behaviours we expect to see exchited against those values.​

Recruitment Process

We recruit on a needs-basis throughout the year which sometimes involves structured recruitment rounds. We’re always looking for opportunities to work with great talent.

SPP utilises a case-study approach to interviewing. The case study is an example of a real business problem and we find it an effective way to assess a candidate’s problem-solving and communication skills, as well as their ability to relate to their peers.

It allows applicants an opportunity to demonstrate abilities critical to being a successful consultant, including:

  • Handling ambiguity
  • Structuring an approach to problem solving
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills
  • Prioritisation of issues
  • Listening skills
  • Presence
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Demonstrating insight, influence and impact


The case study evaluates the candidate’s approach – not whether they get the ‘right’ answer. The case study presents problems for which there are no predetermined answers, and candidates are evaluated on their ability to deal with a problem rather than on a specific answer. Performing well in case studies typically requires a similar set of skills to those used by our consultants on a day-to-day basis.

Tips for our internship potentials

Our team is your team.

A young, dynamic consulting firm, SPP recruits a diverse team of people who are dedicated to excelling at problem solving, communications, client relationships, project management and execution, leadership and teamwork. We place high value on people who bring a diverse range of skills, experiences and perspectives.

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