By Phil Noble /

Celebrating re-appointment to the Professional Advisory Services Panel

The Partner team at SPP were pleased to learn over the past few months that the firm has been re-appointed to the Victorian Government PAS panel.

As a result, the firm is able to be procured directly in a number of Vic Gov advisory categories as follows:

  • CAFAS-1 Strategic Policy Review & Reform Project Development
  • CAFAS-2 Business Case Preparation and Development
  • CAFAS-3 Market Engagement and Implementation
  • CAFAS-5 Project, Program, Business Review, Evaluation, Assurance
  • CAFAS-6 Economic Advisory Services
  • CAFAS-8 General Commercial Advice

Since 2005, SPP has worked for a wide array of Victorian Government Departments and agencies, on a broad range of topics. As a firm we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue to work on difficult problems for the State of Victoria.

Our experience in work in Government is outlined in more detail here.

A brief list of some of the organisations we have worked with in Victoria is provided below. We look forward to working with our clients in the Victorian Government in due course.

By Phil Noble /