Astrid Munder is a Senior Consultant at SPP

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Astrid Munder is a Consultant at SPP with extensive experience in the higher education and research sector. Prior to joining SPP, Astrid worked in Enterprise and Innovation at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Astrid furthermore holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge and spent over 10 years in biomedical research at leading universities/institutes before moving to consulting.

Industry Focus
  • Education & Research
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
Services Focus
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Transformation
High Impact Work

Strategic Direction, Value Proposition and Capability Analysis – Medical Research Institute

Assisted with developing a high-level direction for aligning research activities with the priorities of government, philanthropy, industry and the community to accelerate the client’s growth in scale, impact and reputation. This included preparing compelling value propositions and identifying critical capability gaps.

Market Demand and Opportunity Analysis – Higher Education Provider

Assisted with optimising educational course offerings and identifying opportunities for new products in alignment with market demand and the client’s unique capabilities. This included providing the client with a user-friendly, customisable model for future analysis.

Business Case Development – Medical Research Institute

Involved in developing a novel business model for a research-clinical translation platform to address unmet needs in the healthcare sector and drive research translation and commercialisation. This project was prepared as a pitch to the Victorian Government.

MedTech Product Development – Medical Research Institute

Managed the development of an innovative cognitive assessment and telehealth tool with the aim to obtain regulatory approval and advance this digital health solution to market.

Clinical Research Project Management – Medical Research Institute

Supported a major clinical research project during its start-up phase, working with various internal and external stakeholders to manage legal, financial, commercial and operational aspects.