Ian Cooke is a Senior Advisor at SPP

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Ian Cooke has worked across the interface of science and industry since commencing his professional career with joint appointments at Princeton University and AT&T Bell Laboratories in the US.

He has extensive experience in the conduct, management and leadership of major translational research and technology commercialisation ventures across the fields of infectious diseases and neuroscience and has formed and led spin-off companies in both disciplines.

He has held senior academic and executive management positions at Deakin University, Monash University, the Burnet Institute and The Florey Institute and was the CEO of the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health.

Additionally, he was formerly the Principal Analyst and then CEO at the distinguished boutique consulting firm Foursight Associates, where he provided expert technical advice to venture capital and private equity investors in life science ventures and strategic advice to major Australian academic and research organisations.

He is currently a Professorial Fellow at Monash University, where he teaches technology commercialisation in several masters degree programs and is engaged in the early-stage commercialisation of neuroscience innovations.