Nellie Foo is a Senior Associate at SPP

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Nellie Foo is a Senior Associate at SPP with key interests in business strategy, complex problem solving and data-driven insights. Prior to joining SPP, Nellie worked at a boutique management consulting firm providing strategic advice to C-suite on their most critical business challenges. She has experience in pricing strategies, data analysis, financial modelling and research.

Nellie holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Melbourne.

Industry Focus
  • Asset Intensive Industries
  • Consumer
  • Education & Research
Services Focus
  • Customer Driven Growth
  • Data & Digital
  • Strategy & Decision Making
High Impact Work

Pricing Strategy & Product Offering Review: Developed a pricing strategy for a global e-learning provider in response to accreditation body cost rises. This involved analysing sales data and conducting surveys to identify drivers of customer behaviour, differentiating product offering by customer type, and optimising “call-to-action” pricing initiatives.

Pricing Strategy & Student Retention Improvement: Built a complex financial model to support the pricing strategy for an online tertiary education provider facing stagnant growth. Performed analyses on key market players, student retention data and student survey responses to understand market positioning, student satisfaction and price perception.

Strategic Transformation Plan: Developed a 5-year strategic turnaround plan for an underperforming pharmaceutical company which involved redefining the FMCG product range, developing and executing a new pricing strategy, improving the operating model and capturing organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

M&A Acquisition Analysis: Developed a methodology to analyse the Australian and US markets to identify acquisition opportunities for a corporate group which capitalised on potential synergies with subsidiaries.

Process Redesigning & ERP Implementation: Supported the procurement process redesigning and SAP implementation for a publicly listed oil and gas company. Assisted in facilitating requirements gathering workshops, maintained project timeline and liaised with internal and external stakeholders.