Tony Yu is an Associate at SPP

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Tony Yu is an Associate at SPP who aspires to make impact through supporting Higher Education, Research, Government and Business Strategy. Tony’s experience prior to SPP includes working in the research translation & commercialisation team of a Go8 University, where he supported academics to expand and deepen the impact of their research. Tony marries his technical skills, including statistics, financial modelling and data analysis, with his communication skills to inform better decision-making.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) from the University of Melbourne.

Industry Focus
  • Consumer
  • Education & Research
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
Services Focus
  • Capital Planning & Precincts
  • Data & Digital
  • Strategy & Decision Making
High Impact Work

New Product Development | Mental health NFP organisation

Ideated and prototyped innovative products to expand the organisation’s societal impact. Leveraged an established framework which included desktop research, trend analysis, survey distribution, and expert consultations.

Financial Modelling | Go8 University

Constructed and maintained a financial model which allowed a Go8 University to report on a multi-year collaboration project. Ensured that the model is future-proof by making it highly flexible and expandable.

Business Case Development | NSW Government

Supported the business case development of a government digital uplift program, relating to regulation, compliance burden, risk mitigation and operational efficiency across NSW businesses.