Technology should support an organisation’s strategy, not dictate it.  SPP’s approach to delivering digital solutions focuses on defining strategic objectives before evaluating technology to realise goals.

More than ever before, technology is driving change across all industries. Organisations are turning to digital and other ICT solutions to drive operational efficiencies and generate more value for their customers.  However digital and ICT projects often fail to deliver the intended benefits or support core business objectives.

SPP’s approach to digital and ICT solutions puts a focus on customer experience and strategic objectives, ensuring that technology solutions are well aligned to the overarching strategy. SPP has taken an agile approach to successfully deliver many projects in this arena, including:

  • Development of a large scale digital platform that improved customer service delivery by consolidating a large number of government agency services
  • Redesign of the core process for a large organisation struggling to maintain quality and efficiency, including the specification of supporting case management systems to enable the new process
  • Development of an ICT investment roadmap for a major government department that needed to drive business process change and replace major technology infrastructure with a clear understanding of the future service state
  • Development of an ICT strategy for a national services business including the transition to cloud based services, delivering both cost advantages, efficiency gains and risk reduction
  • Development of a website and mobile application for a government regulator to transition the online experience from complex and fragmented to intuitive and customer oriented, resulting in greatly improved customer satisfaction


Are your ICT projects driven by technology or business objectives?