Australia faces a major infrastructure deficit in the wake of population and economic growth. To effectively provide for this growth and optimise the capital investment in infrastructure, difficult questions must be answered relating to which projects to pursue and when.

Major investments in infrastructure must be grounded in robust understand of strategic rationale, costs, benefits and risks, supported by detailed planning, staging, financial analysis and economic appraisal.

SPP has a strong track record developing infrastructure strategy which supports the overarching needs of the organisation and its customers. SPP's capabilities within the Infrastructure, Property and Transport sector include:

  • Major projects strategy with a focus on defining the "why" for a major project or infrastructural spend, supported by a robust, evidenced-based analysis of benefits
  • Program and portfolio planning including identification of major project objectives, strategic relevance, timing, cash flow implications and risks
  • Procurement evaluation including alternative financing as well as alternative procurement approaches (including PPP)
  • Business case development including the management of project schemes, cost planning, risk analysis, benefit analysis, and overall options assessment
  • Program Management Office development and support including the design and establishment of effective program management office functions
  • Project organisation development including working collaboratively with executive teams to build internal capabilities

When we deliver projects, whether it's a strategic study or the implementation of process change, we focus on:

  • Excellence in project management
  • An obsessive focus on project benefits
  • Robust analysis, which is clearly (and simply) communicated
  • Bringing experience to bear throughout the project life cycle




Infrastructure, Transport and Property Practice Lead

Phil Noble leads SPP’s practice for the asset-intensive industries of Transport, Property and Infrastructure.  Phil brings a background as a project manager on major capital works and property projects, as well as a diverse set of project experiences on operational transport projects.  Phil has a particular interest in the way in which value is measured on large infrastructure investments.  Phil and the team at SPP have advised a broad range of organisations on feasibility assessments and/or due diligence on major property or infrastructure investments.

Are you getting what you need out of your major capital projects?