As technology has advanced, huge amounts of data has become available and the cost of storing and processing that data has become more affordable. SPP, together with our data analytics partner Zetaris, can help clients solve critical problems and unlock hidden value in both private and open source data which informs decisions on a number of areas

Open Banking

The Open Banking framework impacts all major banks and financial services institutions, creating a new operating environment where accredited third-parties can access consumer data. This access to data will generate a multitude of opportunities for banks and third parties to create new products and services. It will also create opportunities for retail banks to reshape the way they add value to their banking services and create new efficiencies and innovations in customer service technologies.

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Health Research – From Data to Impact

SPP and our data partner Zetaris were proud sponsors of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Executive Breakfast, where MCRI’s Scientific Director Professor Melissa Wake presented some key findings from a major project that Zetaris has been running to help deliver a solution in this world-first research initiative GEN-V, a 40-year longitudinal study of children’s health.

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The Heliograph: A Framework for Data Initiatives

Many companies and government organisations are taking on large-scale, cross-departmental data analytics projects. SPP highlights a number of key dimensions that Senior Executives and Departmental Secretaries should be considering to build this type of complex program for success.

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Redux | Data-driven customer relationships in FSi

Deep customer insight is a highly valued destination in financial services including banking, superannuation and insurance. Ultimately, it drives greater service, loyalty, and shareholder returns. Building a deeper and more insightful customer relationship, based on data, is more feasible than ever before. This article explores the 3 P’s that we think you need to consider in developing data-driven relationships

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Data Analytics – Successful Cases in Healthcare

SPP in partnership with EMC and Zetaris, have developed some specific use-cases for data analytics and data warehousing in the Healthcare sector. These are based on examples of specific deployments undertaken by EMC and their partner organisations in the USA.

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Taking an agile approach to big data

Big Data has been well recognised as a potential driver of business success. Yet when looking at how to both plan and execute on data-related initiatives, many organisations still take a traditional approach in an attempt to reap the benefits that big data can deliver – rather than considering a more agile approach.

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