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SPP has extensive experience guiding organisations through major projects, from inception through to project delivery.

In this approach article, SPP highlights some of the considerations in setting up and advancing major capital project initiatives, and the role and objectives of a project governance team.

SPP believes that every project moves through three organisational phases; the startup phase, the building phase, and the maturity phase. The start-up phase typically seeks to create a vision, gain support and confirm key elements of a business case. The building phase often seeks to ensure tight design and budgeting controls. The maturity phase aims for a smooth transition to operations.

Organisational structures are determined by the project strategies and the key project activities involved; at each of the organisational phases, the governance team has different objectives, requires different skills, and possesses different levels of influence.

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Phil Noble is the Founder and Managing Partner of SPP. He is an experienced General Manager, Consultant and Entrepreneur and has worked in a wide range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, infrastructure and Not for Profit.  Phil has...

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