The Australian manufacturing industry plays a significant role within the Australian economy providing both direct and downstream benefits. Maintaining a viable and competitive manufacturing industry is critical for developing Australia’s skills base and to underpin services economies.

Manufacturers face significant challenges to remain competitive in the face of globalisation. Australia's shift to a comparatively high-cost country is unlikely to be reversed in the foreseeable future, so manufacturers need to adapt or perish. There are real opportunities for manufacturers to redefine their product and service mix to deliver greater value to customers and avoid commoditisation.

SPP has worked with organisations on a diverse range of challenges related to Manufacturing including:

  • Strategy development, including market entry and growth strategies
  • Assessing new growth opportunities, developing new partnerships, business and services models, and business plans
  • Evaluating and improving Research, Development and Innovation capabilities
  • Organisational transformation to new operating models
  • Performance improvement including sales and operations effectiveness
  • Investment roadmaps, business cases and business plans for plant and equipment, technology and new venture investments




Manufacturing Practice Lead

David leads the Manufacturing practice at SPP. David has undertaken multiple strategic development projects for clients across manufacturing organisations in the private sector, including assisting start-up ventures in food & beverage, working with the research sector on industry engagement plans, assisting with the formation of cooperative research centres, and developing financial sustainability strategies. David has also advised government in the development of innovation policy to stimulate innovation and attract foreign direct investment into Australia’s biotechnology and medical technology sectors.

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