Strong capabilities off-field and off-stage are essential for sustaining this success. Successful sport, media and entertainment businesses require the management of diverse challenges in order to deliver a first class entertainment experience for a highly passionate and discerning audience.

SPP has worked with organisations on a diverse range of Sports, Media and Entertainment projects to deliver sustainable success.

Business Transformation

Having worked with government, education and some of ASX top 50 on business transformation projects over the years, we know that our T=V2 Framework can support organisations to deliver a significant and sustainable positive impact.

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esports – the game changer for Australian sports and entertainment

Esports is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular and lucrative mainstream sectors of the entertainment industry. Victoria will be home to the biggest esports event in Australia when it hosts the inaugural Melbourne Esports Open in September 2018. SPP explains why esports is such an attractive investment target both globally and domestically.

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Entering the esports arena

esports is still emerging, and the role for Australian Leagues and Clubs in the esports market is constantly evolving, presenting a compelling opportunity for Australian sports organisations to develop or review an esports market entry strategy. SPP has developed an esports Sector Overview. Contact us for your copy.

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Pokemon GO’s race to catch us all!

In less than a week since its release, Pokémon GO has taken the gaming, and indeed the non-gaming world, by storm. So, what’s driving all this hype? Let’s take a look at some key aspects of the Pokémon GO experience to understand the phenomenon.

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Securing the Future of Sports Teams

The off-field competition between sports teams and leagues can be as fierce as it is on field. Managers and administrators battle to secure the best talent, highest profits, largest memberships and biggest media campaigns. Meanwhile, mechanisms such as competitive balance seek to even out the playing field and ensure every team has the chance to succeed and thrive in the competition.

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Globalising Australian Sport

Australia is one of the most saturated professional sports markets in the world. With increasing pressure on Australian sporting organisations to grow revenue, international expansion presents a potentially attractive proposition.
Whether they realise it or not, Australian sports are already competing in a global landscape. Most sports played in Australia are played internationally and are therefore already a part of a global competition for talent, audience and sponsorship.

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