The Utilities sector covers key infrastructure providers delivering critical public services, including electricity, gas, water and sewerage and has seen significant change over the past few decades.

SPP has worked with organisations on a diverse range of challenges related to Utilities including strategy development, identification of growth areas and performance improvement.

Business Transformation

Having worked with government, education and some of ASX top 50 on business transformation projects over the years, we know that our T=V2 Framework can support organisations to deliver a significant and sustainable positive impact.

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Creating Customer Value in Retail Energy

The current energy retail model is price-driven and transactional. The future of energy retailing will not rely on increasing energy demands or customer numbers. Instead, innovative strategies must be used to redefine customer offerings and increase the share of customers’ “wallets”.

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Aggregators and the Retail Energy Market

Aggregators have had a profound effect in reshaping the insurance industry, especially private health insurance. As retail energy markets deregulate and increased consumer choice leads to switching, retailer find themselves in a battle for consumers, making the market ripe for aggregator entry.

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