The Utilities sector covers key infrastructure providers delivering critical public services, including electricity, gas, water and sewerage.  The sector has seen significant change over the past few decades through (de)regulation and privatisation, and technology developments have seen natural monopolies move towards market-based competition.

The trend towards liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation of public utilities is growing, creating new challenges for organisations to adopt more commercial business and operating models. While utilities providers transform their business models, processes and cultures to provide more customer-centric services, customer expectations of reliability, accessibility and affordability remain unchanged.

SPP has worked with organisations on a diverse range of challenges related to Utilities including:

  • Strategy development
  • Assessing new growth opportunities, developing new partnerships, business and services models, business plans, and technology investments
  • Evaluating and improving Research, Development and Innovation capabilities and developing collaborations with universities
  • Organisational transformation to new operating models
  • Performance improvement including sales and operations effectiveness
  • Due diligence on mergers and acquisition opportunities




David leads the Utilities practice at SPP. David has provided advice on strategy and operations to energy providers across generation, transmission, distribution and retail. David has worked with start-ups to established major providers, and has particular strengths in developing collaborative partnerships to bridge commercial, R&D and government interests.

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