By Lachlan McBride /

The past 2 years have redefined the way that organisations and individuals work, collaborate and communicate. With so much change in the ways we do business, SPP took the opportunity to reflect on what we stood for as a firm and the values that bind us together as a company.

SPP is proud to showcase our revised core values, which underpin our ethos to maintaining a thriving environment for exceptional people, and to create impactful change in the world around us. Our values have been redefined as:

Curious: We are always looking to learn and improve the way things are done

Caring: We show genuine care for one another and are readily available to lend a helping hand

Rigorous: We are methodical and detail-oriented in helping solve complex problems for society

Team Play: We collaborate closely to leverage unique strengths and embrace diverse perspectives

SPP appointed a passionate team of volunteers, varied from Senior Associate level to Partner, to advise on implementation and ways that the firm can commit to these values ongoing.

Our Values Committee regularly convenes to examine how we can live by our values and create a definitive impact in the workplace. This group regularly ask for input across the SPP team on what these values mean for individuals and how team members have demonstrated this in their day-to-day lives.

This year SPP will be holding our inaugural Noble Awards to recognise team members in our organisation who continuously demonstrate and live our values (further information regarding our Noble Awards will be shared soon).

SPP is a purpose-driven organisation – our values permeate every aspect of what we do and who we are. We continuously strive towards augmenting our values to both our work and our lives.

We look forward to sharing more on our values, especially how we have been demonstrating these at a firm and an individual level.

By Lachlan McBride /