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For the sixth consecutive year, SPP has opened the (virtual) door to nine intelligent and enthusiastic summer interns.

Our internship provides students with exposure to the consulting industry and allows them to experience strategy consulting by working alongside an SPP team on real client engagements, solving real organisational problems.

The program includes a robust training schedule ranging from consulting basics to excel modelling and an individual consulting case study project which they present to the firm on their last day. For the duration of the 6-week program, SPP hosts a variety of social activities including the SPP table tennis tournament, welcome drinks, buddy coffee catch-ups and an end of program activity night. The interns are also included in our firm offsite/strategy day and invited to our alumni networking event.

Each year, SPP receives a large amount of interest in this program and we are pleased to announce and introduce you to our 9 interns who began their time with SPP on Monday 17 January.

Hassan Hamidi

Hassan is currently undertaking a Master of Public Policy at Monash University and he is interested in working as a Public Policy Consultant and become a public policy and advocacy expert in the future. One of the main reasons he chose SPP was to have the opportunity to work on high impact projects and work alongside smart individuals.

If Hassan had to eat one type of food for the rest of his life, it would be Kabuli Palaw.

Jack Duncan

Jack is completing his final year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University. He is very interested in Australian infrastructure, and almost considered a Bachelor of Engineering to pursue this interest. He decided to join SPP because of its people who demonstrated professionalism and a genuine interest to help.

Jack believes that peanut butter is the best food ever created, mainly because it is ‘just so versatile!’

Jason Huang

Jason is passionate about working with charities and not-for-profits to help solve their business problems. He has been volunteering at the Global Consulting Group, where he provides pro-bono consulting services to those in need and he hopes to continue developing these skills. He chose SPP’s intern program to develop areas of his professional and personal self where he lacked confidence and to also build on his areas of strength. Jason decided to join SPP because of its uniqueness and culture. He mentioned the Partners and staff are friendly and easy to talk to which is quite special and really sets the program apart. SPP is also renowned for its work in the Education sector, and as someone who is passionate about equity in education, Jason felt SPP enables him to combine his interest in education and consulting which is perfect! 

Jason has been playing table tennis since he was 9 years old!

Jack Hall

Jack is very passionate about sustainability and is interested in the ways in which already vulnerable social groups are likely to be made even more disproportionately vulnerable by the outcomes of climate change. He chose SPP’s intern program to develop areas of his professional and personal self where he lacked confidence and also to build on areas of strength.

Jack keeps a UNO reverse card in his wallet at all times.

Katherine Roem

Katherine has been studying at university for 7 years and is interested in the intersection of science and business. Katherine believes that this will become more important as we experience more technological development and innovation. She chose SPP because, as a smaller firm, it offered the opportunity to learn about all levels of the business and to interact with both junior and senior employees alike. As an intern, it’s unique to be able to arrange a meeting with a Partner directly.

A fun fact about Katherine is that she is a qualified personal trainer.

Lily Ferguson

Lily is studying a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne and is hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the analytical processes used in management consulting. Lily decided to join SPP as she was eager to step out of her comfort zone and believes that the SPP internship program provides a great opportunity to do so, while gaining valuable industry experience

Something incredibly interesting about Lily, is that she can juggle!

Oliver He

Oliver is completing his Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Melbourne, and since beginning the program, has enjoyed engaging in client consultations, especially with senior stakeholders. Oliver first heard of SPP at the 2021 BCom Case Competition, where his team’s judge was Mihajlo, an SPP Senior Engagement Manager. After a quick chat and further research, Oliver realised SPP was more than a high impact management consultancy – it had a particularly established reputation in the Higher Education sector. This strongly aligned with his interest and passion in working with universities which is what led him to become part of our Summer Intern Program.

Oliver had always aspired to be a pilot but his mind was quickly changed after his first flying experience.

Sohaan Nath

Sohaan is passionate about effective altruism which involves using evidence and data to determine the most effective use for donations on a per dollar basis to tackle promising causes and ensure donations from well-intentioned individuals are distributed in the most impactful way. He decided to join SPP because the organisation’s values are ones with which he identifies and strives to uphold. This means having the intellectual curiosity to tackle society’s biggest problems and the dedication and excellence to provide high quality insight.

During COVID, Sohaan had plenty of time on his hands and joined with a friend to start a men’s silver jewellery company.

Tony Yu

Tony wants to make an impact in education equity. He believes that education is a great way to level out the playing field and sees its transformational potential in allowing everyone to thrive regardless of their backgrounds. Tony joined SPP because he had heard of its great culture and professional reputation. Moreover, SPP specialises in Higher Education, a sector that he is incredibly passionate about.

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of Tony’s family immigrating to Australia!

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our intern program, and congratulations to the nine participants in our 2022 program.

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