Government departments are key to driving growth, productivity and ensuring appropriate regulation of consumer and business activity. However, governments face significant pressure to better engage with their constituents, improve sharing and efficiency of their own resources, and show greater return from their investments.

SPP works with State, Commonwealth and Local government to improve outcomes from both policy and program activities. We provide a focussed, structured, flexible approach that’s tailored to the specific planning and implementation capability of our partners.

COVID-19 – Transforming out of a crisis into a better future

Organisations are responding rapidly to the economic, business and social challenges presented by the covid-19 situation. SPP presents ideas for organisations on how they can assess their current situation; utilise existing internal transformation skills to deal with the problem; and think some more about how they change the way they operate into the future. We hope that these thoughts provide some useful checklists and stimulation as organisations grapple with the ongoing challenges.

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Building a happier, healthier, more productive Australia during COVID-19

The significant emerging ‘hibernation’ of Australian businesses in response to COVID-19 presents a challenge for policymakers and businesses. Here, SPP’s Senior Partner Ben Apted outlines a policy idea for an Australian Upskill Program (Aus-UP), which would have immediate and long-term social and economic benefits for workers, businesses and Universities / TAFE.

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COVID-19 current working analysis

In addition to some of our own analysis, SPP has compiled a chart pack which utilises a range of insights prepared by a range of credible groups to help understand the COVID-19 situation.

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A celebration of IWD 2020

SPP and Arup were delighted to host an International Women’s Day twilight event celebrating inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. An inspiring line-up of panel speakers talked about their personal experiences, and the many benefits that can be achieved when diversity and inclusivity is embraced within an organisation.

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Knowledge Institutions’ role in maximising precinct outcomes

Internationally recognised precincts have benefitted from successful partnerships with knowledge institutions, where both research and education capabilities have played a key role in supporting industry competitiveness and growth. In this article, SPP’s Precinct Lead Ben Apted together with Government Lead Phil Noble outline some fundamental benefits knowledge institutions bring to a developing precinct. They also look at some global case studies that highlight the key role of knowledge institutions in successful outcomes for commercial and government-based precinct development.

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PSN Victorian Innovation Conference

The Open Banking framework impacts all major banks and financial services institutions, creating a new operating environment where accredited third-parties can access consumer data. This access to data will generate a multitude of opportunities for banks and third parties to create new products and services. It will also create opportunities for retail banks to reshape the way they add value to their banking services and create new efficiencies and innovations in customer service technologies.

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