Government departments are key to driving growth, productivity and ensuring appropriate regulation of consumer and business activity.  However, governments face significant pressure to better engage with their constituents, improve sharing and efficiency of their own resources, and show greater return from their investments.

The modern operating environment for Government departments and agencies has changed dramatically over the past decade.  Many traditional approaches to policy implementation and service delivery no longer deliver the outcomes desired, or take too long and cost much more than was originally anticipated.

There are a range of factors that SPP is aware of that are driving the need for change, including higher customer expectations, efficiency requirements, and a desire for faster policy implementation. These challenges cannot be ignored.

SPP works with State, Commonwealth and Local government to improve outcomes from both policy and program activities.  We provide a focussed, structured, flexible approach that’s tailored to the specific planning and implementation capability of our partners.



Phil Noble

Government Practice Lead

Phil Noble is the founding Partner of SPP and has developed significant experience in Government from a range of assignments over the past 20 years.  These have included policy and strategy work, IT strategy, major capital investment decisions, business cases, as well as ongoing work on the transformation of Government service delivery.  Phil has a particular focus on finding agile ways for Government to respond to the needs of citizens, businesses, and broader stakeholder groups.

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