SPP’s Data Maturity Assessment

Identifying your ‘first move’ to improve maturity in data operations


Mature data operations can help maximise the value of an organisation’s data assets

Data has the potential to guide strategy and improve outcomes for organisations in the public and private sector alike. However, many organisations are uncertain of their 'first move' to generate insight and tap into the potential of their data.

At SPP, we have found that a clearly defined operating model to guide data operations can help organisations to maximise the value of their data. To support this, we have developed DOM6 – our Data Operating Model framework.

SPP’s DOM6 outlines the key inputs and outputs of a robust data management operating model, comprising of six pillars:

  1. Governance & Strategy
  2. Specific Information Needs
  3. People & Organisation
  4. Workflow & Processes
  5. Information Architecture & Standards
  6. Technology Platform

To help an organisation to identify their 'first move' to improve data operations, SPP has identified the key questions that should be asked against each element of this operating model. These questions form the basis of SPP’s Data Operations Maturity Assessment.

SPP’s Data Operations Maturity Assessment provides an indication of the strength of capability against the pillars of DOM6, and highlights where effort should be directed to improve data management for enhanced business outcomes.

Data operations maturity is a journey. What is your organisation’s 'first move'?

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