Strategic planning has become more valuable and necessary than ever before, as the pace of change accelerates and the future seems more uncertain.

With a plethora of information sources available, there is a common misconception that there is less reliance on strategic thinkers and project managers to develop and execute a strategic plan.  However more than ever, organisations need help to sift through all the information available in order to get to a better understanding of both the current state of play and of future opportunities.

Over the last decade, SPP have partnered with many organisations to develop actionable strategic plans.

Each strategic planning process is unique and should be tailored to meet the needs of the individual organisation.  Recognising this, SPP have developed a flexible approach to strategic planning that can be adapted to the situation, and yet still drive the planning team forward to a valuable outcome.

Starting with round-table discussions with senior executives on the business's issues, challenges and opportunities, and working through to implementable initiatives with clear plans, SPP keeps client planning teams focussed on high impact outcomes.


How clear is your current strategy?