The ability of a governance group to affect the outcome of any strategic undertaking is the greatest at the outset.  Investing time at the beginning of any business initiative to get the big decisions right and anticipate areas of uncertainty, is critical to long-term success.

SPP believes that clarifying the project objectives is a vital first step.  “Why are we doing this?”  is a simple question that can often be hard to answer for project teams who jump quickly to project execution.  Project teams that utilise an agile process, rather than a linear program management approach are often more likely to deliver a stronger outcome.

Without a strong decision making framework, projects often fall short of expectation or grind to a halt and eventually revolve back to determining project objectives.  SPP has helped many organisations to take a structured approach to strategic decision making to ultimately achieve high impact outcomes.

We help our partners to strategically evaluate viable alternatives and consider possible approaches to implementing change that might not have been previously considered.


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