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Driving outperformance by balancing Human & Commercial Values


A significant crisis of trust has been experienced in recent times between large institutions and customers.  Customer service delivery failings, and commercial decisions which don’t put the customer at the centre, have resulted in significant mistakes being made with significant repercussions.

In considering these issues, and also the broader need to transform large institutions, a clear message has been sent that customer empathy, and values, are just as critical as a working commercial model.

This in turn drives a critical question: is there benefit in balancing commercial values, and human values?  What benefit does this bring?  And how do these dual elements stay aligned in any transformational effort?

Through SPP’s work in transformation, we believe these two inputs are critical and must be kept in balance. Many organisations are strong on one, but not the other.  We also believe that balancing Human Values has not had as much focus in recent times when the switch to digital channels has removed the human interface – but that it is as important as ever.

In thinking through these issues, we have developed a thinking framework, coined T=V2, where the V2 stands for Human Values and Commercial Value.

The attached article explains the application of T=V2 and, in particular, details how the framework supports sustainable transformation of organisations and businesses by giving them balance across these two critical dimensions.

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Phil Noble is the Founder and Managing Partner of SPP. He is an experienced General Manager, Consultant and Entrepreneur and has worked in a wide range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, infrastructure and Not for Profit.  Phil has...

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